ROBO - Remote Office / Branch Office

NodeWeaver is the ideal platform for ROBO - Remote Office/Branch Offices - thanks to its autonomic properties. Easy to manage, NodeWeaver can remotely control hundreds of nodes in different locations, each with its own replication and disaster recovery rules. The easy management means that there is no need for dedicated IT personnel in place, making it the ideal platform for unattended, 24/7 operations. The self-healing infrastructure of NodeWeaver makes it easy to create small virtualization islands, fully remotely managed, secure and able to withstand any kind of fault with little or no impact on operativity. If a node fails, a new one can be added to resume full operativity with no downtime at all in any moment and with no special configuration - and through the special NodeWeaver software key, even local servers or PCs can be added to the cloud infrastructure in minutes.

Thanks to the integrated snapshot and backup capabilities, virtual machines can be moved efficiently between offices, allowing personnel mobility - including desktops, both on-demand and persistent