what is an Edge Cloud infrastructure

Edge computing is a computing infrastructure that exists at the edges of data sources, e.g. devices like industrial machines or computing devices like control servers or video recording devices. It is the result of pushing the computing applications frontier away from centralized nodes to the network extremes; that means that edge computing requires leveraging device resources so that they don’t need to be connected to the network (or data centre) continuously.

edge cloud continuum

There are many hurdles that are specific to edge computing:

  • Compute resources could be in separate islands where they cannot communicate to coordinate computation
  • Locations of computing resources may be difficult or costly to access
  • Compute in ruggedized enclosures might not be expandable
  • Technicians to perform the work may not be easily available
  • At the edge, there are no expectations of homogeneity regarding devices, or the hardware and software platforms

NodeWeaver bridges the world of Private cloud platforms and Hyperconverged infrastructure with a unified cloud fabric that brings all pieces together in building-block style. Need more space? Add a new node. A disk failure? The system will transparently replace the unavailable resources for you, without requiring administrative intervention. And forget about poor performance, as the system moves your data near the virtual machine that needs it.

NodeWeaver brings the most sophisticated open platform for virtualization, together with a novel Distributed File System designed to withstand the most dramatic disasters, a networking layer powered by the OpenVSwitch distributed network and an autonomic engine that handles most of the task transparently without the need for user intervention. It’s converged infrastructure, plus intelligence.