Video Surveillance and Analytics

Video surveillance and security plays a huge part in our everyday lives and is becoming both increasingly widespread and intelligent. Real-time video analytics will drive a wide range of applications and deliver actionable intelligence with great potential to impact society.

Advanced applications such as facial recognition, event detection, and behavioral prediction all operate in real-time and must have the ability to store, process, and analyze data locally. Also, latency, bandwidth, and processing requirements necessitate infrastructure to reside in close proximity to the cameras.

For these and other reasons, video surveillance and analytics is seen by many as the “killer app for edge computing” because it requires cloud-like functionality on local hardware and typically in a small footprint. Additionally, this infrastructure must be cost effective, since there may be 1000s of deployments.

NodeWeaver’s unique combination of features makes it ideally suited as an infrastructure platform for video analytics:

  • Flexibility
    • NodeWeaver is software only and runs on virtually any x86-based hardware
    • Can create highly resilient clusters using heterogeneous hardware
    • Hardware can be optimized and right-sized based on deployment requirements
  • Reliability and autonomic management
    • Create highly resilient clusters with as few as 2 nodes
    • NodeWeaver's autonomic features enable simple, scale-out expansion, load-balancing across the cluster, and fix errors without manual intervention.
  • Cost Savings
    • Low, per-node pricing with all features included
    • Lightweight codebase allows NodeWeaver to run on smaller devices, including SoCs such as Intel Atom and AMD Epyc and Ryzens, to enable the creation of affordable, resilient, and scalable compute clusters.


Customer Spotlight:

A police department serving a district of over 500,000 residents within a major city in South America recently implemented a video surveillance system to monitor the district in order to increase and improve the level of response by their personnel.

Given the criticality of this system in terms of public safety, as well as the legal ramifications associated with the captured images, system downtime and/or data loss were major design concerns for the agency. They also recognized the need for an intelligent, scalable, and simple-to-manage infrastructure.

After evaluating several competing solutions, they found NodeWeaver met or exceeded all of their requirements in terms of reliability, resiliency, data integrity, and ease of use, but what set NodeWeaver apart from the other solutions evaluated was the flexibility and superior price/performance that it provides.