server consolidation



Every company faces the prospect of moving from traditional servers to virtual ones - some already performed the migration, some other balked at the massive cost necessary both in terms of new hardware platforms, software licenses and consulting fees. But the promise of easier migration to new hardware, being able to take snapshots of working configuration without complex backup procedures, being able to provide on-demand machines to specific needs is too strong an attraction.

NodeWeaver is the simplest way to move to virtualization - easy, simple and scalable. Start with two nodes, move your workloads through the supported physical-to-virtual tools or directly from another virtualization platform like VMWare, Citrix or Red Hat enterprise virtualization - or from cloud platforms like AWS or OpenStack. Our enhanced KVM hypervisor supports most native virtualization drivers, meaning that your virtualized images are ready to run with the highest performance. And thanks to the NodeWeaver SSD acceleration, all your I/O intensive tasks will run better than ever;  the advanced protection mechanism shields virtual machines from each other, preserving performance even with unbalanced or varying workloads.

Take advantage from the start of the instant, deduplicated snapshots; zero-time backup and restore, geographical disaster recovery and desktop-as-a-service. All integrated and available from day one, and more and more functional as you add more node as you need. With no hidden licenses or surprises.