Redefining the Intelligent Edge in Retail

Retailers today face a myriad of new challenges. Demand for a better shopping experience, coupled with the need for better, data-driven business intelligence has left many retail organizations struggling to manage a growing mix of IoT and Edge workloads, each with its own infrastructure stack and architectural silo. Furthermore the COVID-19 pandemic has added another level of complexity, forcing retailers to reevaluate and innovate the way they are managing store traffic, shopper safety and other areas. In this webinar on Intelligent Edge Solutions, Supermicro and NodeWeaver will address the challenges retailers – and other distributed organizations— are facing today, and discuss a new, integrated approach to IT and IoT management, network and security that breaks down silos to simplify management, enhance scalability and enable new levels of automation and orchestration. Adoption of this new approach can open up new opportunities to improve energy use, inventory management and customer experience.

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