Taking Industry 4.0 to the Edge – the smart move for manufacturing

According to GSMA Intelligence’s Enterprise in Focus Survey 2019, an overwhelming 84% of manufacturing companies find Edge Computing important to achieving success in their future IoT deployment. Although it is still early days for the technology, the manufacturing sector will clearly play a leading role in driving the move to the edge. Join our webinar to discover why Intelligent Edge Computing is so important to the next industrial revolution. You will learn of real-life Edge-based use cases with a focus on improved efficiency and reduced costs at manufacturing sites. Supported by GSMA Intelligence experts, you’ll understand the capabilities an Edge computing platform needs to have today, as well as in the future as companies migrate to more open architectures and utilize AI and Machine Learning technologies. Plus we’ll be reviewing the benefits 5G will bring to smart manufacturing and its impact on supply chain management, asset tracking and logistics, and customer engagement. And we’ll also discuss how new open RAN technology could change the landscape. *This webinar is a replay of Mobile World Live and originally was not held on BrightTalk. Any questions will be taken and answered offline*

To watch the webinar, click here: https://www.brighttalk.com/webcast/17278/440108