Acromove's ServerPack EDGE is a portable, and shippable Data-Center-in-a-Box that brings new capabilities to the Edge Computing and Industrial IoT spaces. 
It can be configured in various ways from a simple battery-operated server with up to 144TB of storage to a fully-fledged hyper-converged, remote-controlled, networkable computing powerhouse. ServerPack EDGE combines a 32 vCore CPU, Nvidia or AMD GPU, >100TB of flash accelerated storage, a 10-port 10G switch for
East/West connectivity, a dual 40G network connection for North/South connectivity, Wi-Fi mesh access point, LTE gateway, an
SDN router with advanced VPN capabilities, and a high-capacity UPS that can be run off solar panels. Storage can be 3.5” HDDs
or 2.5” SATA/SAS SSDs, M.2 flash drives, or NVMe U.2-U.3 PCI Gen 4, drives. 

acrobox edge