Cambridge UK, 21st June

DataQube Global Ltd, an edge data centre company changing the face of colocation, has partnered with NodeWeaver, providers of autonomous and agnostic edge cloud technology, to augment the edge computing capabilities of its podular data centre products. The agility of NodeWaver’ edge cloud solution is perfectly aligned with DataQube’s flexibility and scalability, and the new partnership will empower colocation customers to benefit from enterprise-grade cloud functionality at a compelling price point.

DataQube’s portfolio of podular edge data centre solutions have been developed for deployment in a vest range of challenging indoor and outdoor locations where traditional data centre installs are neither feasible nor practical due to their sheer magnitude and the upfront Capex needed.  Moreover, the demand for localised processing is growing as businesses leverage IoT to streamline processes and to have greater insight into product lifecycles.  The associated data generated as a result needs to be processed at source and in real time for performance, safety and usability reasons and facilities at the edge capable of meeting this demand quickly, cost effectively and sustainably are in short supply.

NodeWeaver’s “edge nano-cloud” operating platform installs on the bare metal of nearly any hardware and simplifies the deployment, management, and orchestration of infrastructure and applications at the distributed edge. One or more NodeWeaver servers automatically combine together at each edge location, delivering a cloud-native experience, with reliable and scalable compute and storage for applications. NodeWeaver’s simplicity and autonomous operation dramatically lowers cost of ownership and reduces the need for IT expertise or human intervention.

Integrating NodeWeaver’s intuitive cloud technology into DataQube’s core design assures the ultra-high speed, ultra-low latency processing power needed for high bandwidth applications such as industrial IoT (IIoT), digital twins,  artificial intelligence (AI) and computer vision. This distributed cloud capability combined with DataQube’s person free layout, minimal fibre requirements, and green credentials makes the company’s edge data centre system truly unique.

“DataQube is always on the lookout for technology partners that that will enhance the capabilities of its already unique solution,” says Steve Pass, COO of DataQube Global. “The Flexible and self-monitoring nature of Nodeweaver’s technology makes it an ideal fit for DataQube and allows us to give our customers more choice and I look forward to developing a fruitful business relationship that will benefit both parties.”  

Says Carlo Daffara, CEO of NodeWeaver. “Dataqube provides a unique proposition in edge datacenter technology, with a solution that is flexible and adaptable to a variety of deployment requirements. Dataqube’s podular system perfectly complements our scalable nano-cloud architecture, allowing users to deploy a cloud-like architecture anywhere, in a secure and sustainable way. We look forward to the use cases that this combination allows.”

DataQube’s podular solution is setting a new standard in the industry due to its efficient use of space, optimized IT capacity and unique person-free layout which reduces power consumption and CO2 emissions by as much as 56% making it truly ecologically sound.