Announcing the NodeWeaver/Intel partnership and OpenVINO support

NodeWeaver is proud to announce our partnership with Intel and our full support for Intel’s Distribution of the OpenVINO toolkit.

NodeWeaver is a software-defined operating platform which simplifies the deployment, management, and orchestration of infrastructure and applications at the distributed edge. It installs on the bare metal of nearly any hardware and combines these servers together at each edge location to deliver a cloud-native experience with highly resilient, agile and scalable compute clusters capable of running multiple virtual machines and container-based workloads, reliably and cost-effectively.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) at the Edge is one of the key use cases that our partners and customers are delivering with the combination of NodeWeaver and Intel’s OpenVINO – in particular, by applying computer vision and deep learning to live video streams to make decisions in near-real time. Due to the amount of data generated by video cameras, it is not feasible to transmit that data to the cloud for analysis, so the inferencing must be done locally on edge compute infrastructure.

Real-world examples include NodeWeaver customers/partners in the following verticals:

- Retail: A global systems integrator partner which is using NodeWeaver as the foundation for its “smart retail in a box” service to deliver their AI Vision solutions at the store level.

- Industrial Manufacturing: Another GSI partner is implementing a solution using high speed thermal cameras and acoustic devices to watch and listen to robotic welding machines and leveraging AI to inference and make corrections/adjustments on the factory floor in real time.

These applications are critical for operations, which means that the platform which supports them must be highly resilient and able to protect the data that is captured locally. Enterprise-grade storage is the foundation for data persistence, clustering, scalability, data protection, and high availability. NodeWeaver’s ability to deliver highly available, scalable, compute clusters with persistent storage are essential for data-centric workloads such as these.

Additionally, NodeWeaver’s focus on automated deployment, self-management, self-optimizing, self-healing features and our patent-pending DNSOps management approach dramatically reduces cost of ownership by simplifying operations and reducing the need for IT expertise or human intervention. The combination of NodeWeaver and Intel’s OpenVINO dramatically simplifies the deployment and operations of AI at the Edge workloads.