SuperMicro unveils NodeWeaver-powered Retail Edge platform

Super Micro Computer, Inc. (SMCI), a global leader in enterprise computing, storage, networking solutions, and green computing technology, announced an advanced and customizable integrated platform targeting retail and chain store environments. Supermicro’s new platform combines proven hardware/software configurations to support the demand for processing the quantities of data emanating from the growing deployment of IoT and other interrelated computing devices.

Supermicro’s Intelligent Retail Edge provides an integrated software-defined operating platform that significantly simplifies the deployment, management, orchestration, and networking of Edge infrastructure and applications. The platform runs on Supermicro’s IoT and edge hardware, ranging from small edge devices to full-scale rack-based edge servers that can support GPU, FPGA, and other technologies.

“Supermicro’s Intelligent Retail Edge solution provides retailers the engine they need to deliver innovative technologies and services to their customers efficiently,” said Raju Penumatcha, senior vice president and chief product officer, Supermicro. “Built on Supermicro’s flexible Building Block Solutions® architecture and powered by leading-edge software from our partners, this solution is optimized to help address some of the challenges facing the retail industry today.”

Supermicro’s Intelligent Retail Edge is offered in three different certified cluster configurations leveraging the industry-proven SuperServer platform that is optimized for specific sized stores, and application workload requirements.

  • Entry-level cluster platform based on the E100, a small, powerful fanless IoT/Edge gateway server for small stores with space and power constraints, such as small convenience stores or restaurants, running basic workloads such as Point-of-Sale (POS), video surveillance, and inventory management.
  • A mainstream cluster requiring a versatile, high-performance IoT/Edge server based on the E300, has a small physical footprint and superior acoustics for small to medium-sized stores running multiple applications at the edge.
  • High-end cluster configuration utilizing the 1019/5019, a short depth rack-mount edge workhorse server with rich storage and networking options and support for accelerator and GPU technologies needed for AI/ML applications for medium to- large-sized stores, such as grocery stores and mid-sized size retailers.

Developed through a collaboration with NodeWeaver and NetFoundry, Supermicro’s Integrated Retail Edge platform supports small-to-large clusters for retail applications.

“Retail technology is at the beginning of a new era that promises to revolutionize the customer experience, increase efficiencies, and reduce costs,” said Carlo Daffara, CEO and Co-Founder of NodeWeaver, a provider of a universal edge fabric software. “As distributed compute becomes more critical for retail operations, these platforms must be deployed, managed, maintained, and secured on a mass scale. Supermicro’s Retail Edge provides the foundational operating platform for this distributed compute layer, and NodeWeaver is proud to be a part of this solution.”

Providing reliable and secure networking can be challenging in distributed edge environments, and securing customer and point-of-sale (POS) data is critical in retail environments. Supermicro’s Retail Edge platform provides simple, easy to deploy Network-as-a-Service (NaaS) connectivity powered by NetFoundry to deliver exceptional performance, zero-trust security, agility, and simplicity.

“Retailers are innovating to enhance customer experiences,” said Galeal Zino, Founder, and CEO, NetFoundry. “The SuperMicro Retail Edge solution provides next-gen retail applications with the software-defined operating platform, and powerful edge compute they require to innovate. To securely connect those retail edges with core, cloud, and partners, without needing to manage additional networking servers, the retailer or solution provider leverages Zero Trust NaaS, powered by NetFoundry, and integrated into the solution with this partnership between Supermicro and NetFoundry.”

NodeWeaver’s adaptive hypervisor provides secure and partitioned execution of any application without the traditional overhead of virtualization. Initial performance benchmarks show that the platform can run applications with performance near to that of bare metal execution, while maintaining the ability to provide for high availability and cloud-like flexibility.

For more on Supermicro’s new Retail Edge platform, please visit here.