Announcing NodeWeaver 11.5

We are proud to announce the release of NodeWeaver 11.5, the result of more than 6 months of development and code improvements. Among the major new features:

* A new kernel: 4.19.68, with many updates and support for many more hardware devices, and substantial improvements in many hardware drivers for SCSI and network devices

* A new hypervisor: the new KVM provides a better Hyper-V emulation, many more emulated device drivers and increased stability for legacy workloads

* ZFS 0.8.1

* More than 100+ fixes and updates, touching every aspect of the platform (web interface, backup, a new election mechanism for master failover....)

* Support for PCI passthrough: enable a template to use a PCI device directly. This is initially supported for the Intel FPGA and Movidius AI accelerators, and in the next weeks, we will add support for most Nvidia GPU cards.

* Improved support for 10Gbe offload and an improved bonding driver

* Updated netdata diagnostics, and more than 20 new hardware probes.

This also prepares the ground for many new features that will be incrementally added in the next micro-updates, like an improved DFS and orchestrator; we have an exciting roadmap that will lead to a wholly new NodeWeaver 12 soon!

New 11.5