NodeWeaver & UDS Enterprise

Accelerate VDI adoption in hyperconvergence platforms

Madrid, Spain , November 29th, 2017 — NodeWeaver today announced a collaboration agreement with VirtualCable, a pioneering Spanish company that develops and supports UDS Enterprise, a VDI connection broker to deploy and manage Windows and Linux virtual desktops, applications and other remote desktop services.

This technology alliance will enable NodeWeaver to offer a best-in-class VDI solution as a prepackaged appliance inside its hyperconvergence platform, which is based on OpenNebula and integrates distributed storage, SDN and private cloud functionalities in a single package.

The power of both solutions is aiming to create a turnkey platform to easily manage and deploy top performance virtual desktops and applications with any hypervisors, authenticators and connection protocols in the market running simultaneously.

As a result of this partnership, any NodeWeaver customer will get a 10 users UDS Enterprise subscription at no cost; any upgrade can be performed in-place with no downtime, with a full spectrum of licensing subscriptions featuring full support and software updates.

With NodeWeaver as hyperconvergence platform and UDS Enterprise as VDI connection broker, any company deploying desktop virtualization can build a strong, secure, efficient and high-performance infrastructure with distributed storage.

“By working with NodeWeaver, we are helping mutual customers to build an easy to manage, flexible, scalable and cost-effective VDI solution running in a next generation reliable and secure hyperconvergence platform”, explains Félix Casado, CEO of VirtualCable.

“We are extremely pleased to be able to offer to our customers one of the easiest to use and better integrated VDI broker solution on the market”, comments Carlo Daffara, NodeWeaver’s CTO. “UDS Enterprise perfectly complements our offering, and targets one of the most requested features among our SME and Public Administration users”.

About VirtualCable

VirtualCable is a Spanish company specialized in virtualization and dedicated to software development and professional services. VirtualCable develops and supports UDS Enterprise, a multiplatform connection broker to deploy and manage virtual and physical desktops, applications and other Windows & Linux remote desktop services.

UDS Enterprise allows to simultaneously enable multiple hypervisors, authenticators and connection protocols, guaranteeing resources optimization and obtaining substantial cost savings.

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About NodeWeaver

NodeWeaver is a zero-management hyperconverged infrastructure - integrating storage, networking and virtualization in a single system. Built using the same principles of large-scale systems used by Google and Amazon and made specifically for small and medium enterprises, NodeWeaver has an easy to use interface and a management system that automates most tasks and simplify activities that would otherwise require highly skilled expensive personnel. NodeWeaver delivers linear and predictable scale-out without large up-front investments; start small and expand your infrastructure as you need, one node at a time. Nodeweaver's Distributed File System aggregates internal and direct-attached storage resources across all nodes, presenting it as a single storage entity and making it available to all hosts, with no need for external SANs.

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