the NodeWeaver Appliance

It all started from a totally different project, more than four years ago. A EU research project designed to help Public Administrations in the migration process to open source, and it was a small USB key with a complete, tuned desktop environment; designed to work with more or less any kind of desktop hardware. We had some success with it – but then, three years ago, we start thinking about using it for servers, instead of desktops. And at the time we create CloudWeavers, and we were lucky to find several customers willing to use it.
And then we start thinking about making it whole, and create the hardware to run it on. And we created NodeWeaver, our hyperconverged appliance. 4TB of rotational media, an integrated SSD cache, the KVM hypervisor and the exceptional (and European) OpenNebula orchestrator, the defacto standard for EU research projects. We made so many prototypes we lost the count of it, but finally we are happy to announce something that I believe will help all the companies and Public Administrations that are looking for a better way to manage their IT infrastructure.
Storage (with full realtime replication and self-healing), virtualization (supporting even the latest operating systems reliably and efficiently) and a networking infrastructure that is really distributed, NodeWeaver is a platform designed to give peace of mind to anyone, at a fraction of the price of competing projects. We are proud of what we built, and we hope you will catch up with us at the upcoming CloudExpoEurope in London; 11 and 12 march. We wait for you at the open cloud pavilion.