NodeWeaver takes advantage of one of the most sophisticated and complete cloud infrastructures: OpenNebula - a project with a long history, being started in 2005 as a research project at the Complutense University of Madrid. The leading research platform in European research projects, it provides a flexible and extremely modular platform for creating public and private cloud infrastructures ranging from a single node up to hundreds of thousands of cores.
NodeWeaver is proud of our strong partnership with OpenNebula systems, the company behind the OpenNebula open source project, and of our contributions to the project.

We extend OpenNebula with a set of additional modules:

* the distributed filesystem module
* a complete snapshot and backup infrastructure
* a new HA and failover mechanism, designed to scale from 2 to hundreds of nodes without the need for quorum mechanisms
* an autonomous engine that supervises all components of the system and automatically brings the infrastructure back to the optimal configuration
* a new scheduling system, the "P-value scheduler" that identify the ideal VM placement to guarantee the desired user experience

NodeWeaver maintains total compatibility with OpenNebula 5.2 and later, and is compatible with the many OpenNebula-compliant extensions.